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What Advice Would I Give my 18 Year Old Self?

Flashback, 18 years old, sitting at my old wooden desk as my Chemistry teacher speaks. An eccentric man, bald on top with white patches running down either side. Glasses and a genuine excitement for all things science. Known for jumping on top of desks when an experiment doesn’t work. Every […]


Elbow Grease and Hard Work for a Little Red Wagon

There are some things in life that your children won’t read in a book or learn at school. One of those things is the value of elbow grease and hard work. Schools don’t teach about elbow grease, they teach you memorization On Good Friday, my son and I went for […]


Coin Flip – Developing a Bias for Heads

As a coin flips in the air, over and over, you already know what you want the result to be. Both sides of the coin produce different outcomes and even though you have let the fate of the coin make the decision, you have a desired outcome. The desired outcome […]


Valentine’s Day Kills Marriages

Valentine’s Day breaks up more marriages then it helps. A day dedicated to love is a day that is full of disappointment and fighting. The pressure society places on Valentine’s Day can create a lot of stress in a marriage. From announcing which celebrity couples are doing what to the […]


Passive Income – What is Passive Income?

Passive Income are earnings generated by a business, property or financial assets in which the owner has very limited involvement. These income streams are generated through a hands-off approach. Passive income provides the owner with a positive cash flow stream that requires little time and effort. All men, at every […]

The Barbershop – Men’s Sanctuary for a Shave and a Haircut

And there it is, attached to the wall just outside of the door as a nostalgic beacon to men. The iconic red, white and blue barber’s pole. The Barbershop, one of the last true sanctuaries for men in an increasingly feminized world. The Barbershop – A Sanctuary for Men As […]