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My Day as a Stay At Home Dad

I have a confession, the concept of a Stay at Home Dad was foreign to me. My Dad worked long hours driving a train and my mom was the one who got us ready, fed us and took us where we needed to go. Stay at Home Dads represent a […]


Motivation from my Daughter’s Birthday

Today, my daughter turns 7 and in between the flashbacks from the days that have passed, I have a strong sense of motivation today. Why? As I have watched my daughter grow up, every thing she has done I can’t help being amazed. The monster steps she has taken this […]


Swallow the Frog – Wake Up and Crush Your Day

All Dads have been there, lying in bed in the morning worried about that one thing that we have to do during the day. Get up, Swallow the Frog and improve your day immediately. Wait…What does Swallow the Frog mean? It means that project you don’t want to tackle, that […]


May 2016 – Stats Pack (Income Report and Visitors) has officially launched, here is a breakdown of my monthly income and visitors Welcome to the May 2016 Stats Pack, a breakdown of how I made money online last month and a breakdown of the visitors to my blog about dads. Readers have questioned why I have decided to […]