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Kill Yourself – Then Start Building Again

Everyone has been down that road. Nothing is going right, it feels as if your life is going to end. It’s not. You know those thoughts you have when you are at your lowest. The “If I get another chance…” thoughts. Remember those? Good…kill yourself and then start building again. […]


Porn Addiction – Why Porn is a Drug You Must Avoid

There is a drug that affects many men and causes broken families, divorces, and deterioration in all aspects of a man’s life. You don’t buy it off the streets or get it from the pharmacy or liquor store. That drug is Porn. Porn, for those who don’t know, is the […]


Dads, You are a Business – Invest in Yourself

Dads, as the head of your family, you can’t be the best dad or husband unless you take care of yourself first. Imagine yourself as a business and invest in yourself. You must take care of yourself first. Not your kids, not your spouse, you. You can never project happiness, […]


Fatherhood and Fitness – Guest Post would like to Welcome Brad from the Frat House, a Facebook group dedicated to Fatherhood and who also blogs though the Fatherhood Fraternity as the first Guest poster. Brad has written a thorough article on Fatherhood and Fitness. Keeping fit as we age may take a little more work […]


Encouraging a Child’s Dream can be Expensive

Encouragement of your children’s activities and goals is one of the more significant things you can do to help your children achieve their dream. As a Dad, I know that I want to encourage my children in any way I can. Even if the financial commitment is steep, I would […]