28 Hacks to Increase Efficiency by Working Smarter


Efficiency is our ability to accomplish our daily tasks in a timely manner with the least amount of energy put forward. There is a direct correlation to the amount of time we spend with our children. Work smarter not harder while using these hacks that will improve efficiency, increase energy and reduce fatigue.

Dictionary.com defines efficiency as

The state or quality of being efficient, or able to accomplish something with the least waste of time and effort; competency in performance.

Dads, by increasing our efficiency, we can achieve the previously impossible. Time will open up to spend more time with our children, begin another hobby or start a blog and make extra money.

Work Smarter not Harder and Increase Efficiency with These 28 Hacks.
    Hacks to Work Smarter Not Harder


  1. Stop Multitasking
    Multitasking gives a false impression that you are completing more than you are. Not only does it reduce efficiency and performance by spreading your abilities to thin, it drains your energy far quicker than concentrating on one task.
  2. Divide and Conquer
    Look at your list, take larger items that can be broken down into smaller action items. It is far more motivating to complete 7 smaller items over three days than 70 percent of one large item over the same time period.

    Smaller tasks are easier to start and are easier to finish.

  3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
    Any task that takes less than 2 minutes, get it done. Having one less thing on your list will only reduce stress and increase motivation.
  4. You Can’t Do it All
    Don’t be afraid to hand off some work. If you have a colleague or a junior who can accomplish some of your tasks, it makes sense from both a time and financial perspective to delegate some work.
  5. Group Similar Tasks
    Grouping similar tasks will not only allow you to keep your tasks small, you will be able to concentrate on one type of work. Jumping around through a variety of tasks causes your brain to complete many stops and starts while activating different areas.

    Completing similar tasks will allow you to improve efficiency by maintaining a similar mindset.

  6. Control the Temperature, Increase your Productivity
    Ergonomic experts have performed studies that have determined the ideal office temperature to be between 69 and 72 Degrees Fahrenheit (21-22 Degrees Celsius).

    As the temperature increases or decreases from this range, your efficiency decreases along with the changes.

  7. Hacks to Increase Efficiency on the Computer


  8. Respond to Emails in Batches
    Rather than replying to every email that comes across your desk, schedule exact times when you will reply. I reply during the half hour before lunch and the half hour before heading home.

    Maintain a watchful eye on your emails however, in case an urgent request comes through.

  9. Increase Your Words Per Minute
    High School all over again and as a result, we have Keyboarding class. KeyBR allows you to learn typing at the speed of thought. Typing is far more efficient than writing as it will easily allow corrections and adaptions based on yournrequirements.
  10. Automate Your Life
    Daily and weekly routine tasks can be automated to get them off your mind. You can use your bank to set-up transfers, automatically send emails, or use programs like HootSuite to schedule Social Media posts.

    Programs like IFTTT offer more indepth automation depending on needs.

  11. Ignore Time-Consuming Websites
    From Social Media to video sharing websites, there are endless opportunities to spend extra time when you could be getting things done. Except for DadsRise.com, always spend time on DadsRise.com.

    There are a multitude of Apps that offer warnings or freeze internet browsers to keep you focused.

  12. Have a Minute, Get up to Date
    There are times during the day where you will have an extra minute. It could happen while waiting for your next meeting or for the train. Take advantage of this time by reading a new website, a corporate newsletter or reading an article that pertains to your industry.
  13. The Power of the Spoken Word
    On occassion, I have used Dictation software for writing some of my blog posts. I was able to find a free trial of some software and it worked out pretty well.

    Dictation software will produce written text based on your spoken word while improving efficiency by up to 400 percent.

  14. Daily Hacks to Improve Productivity


  15. Swallow The Frog
    The first task that must be tackled during the day is the one you dread the most. When that big item is off of your mind, everything else will fall in line much easier.
  16. Find Your Prime Time
    There are those who are a morning person and those who are night owls. Your mind is at its sharpest at some point during the day, take advantage of this and schedule to get the majority of your tasks done at this time.
  17. The One-Hour Work Block
    Create a One-Hour Work Block every day which will give you the opportunity to focus on only your tasks. Attempt (as best you can) to ignore emails and phone calls, complete as much as you can in the hour.
  18. Gas Then Brakes, Gas Then Brakes
    This time management technique works in thirty minute blocks. Press the Gas for 25 minutes and complete as much as you can, followed up with a 5-minute break. After three cycles take a longer break.

    Not only will this increase efficiency, it will also reduce fatigue through the breaks.

  19. Set The Clock, The Deadline is Approaching
    I have always been one to work better under pressure. Set a time limit for yourself and you will work harder to meet that deadline. The pressure of a time limit will entice you to find ways to ensure you meet the deadline.
  20. Track Your Time Then Beat it
    Have routine tasks that you complete on a daily schedule, track your time to see how long it takes. If a task took one hour to complete on Day 1, try to shave a few seconds off the next time. This will increase your efficiency while encouraging you to get more things done.
    I relate this hack to Super Mario Kart. I can recall seeing the ghost of my previous, fastest run while I did all I could to keep up and pass it. Improving your efficiency is no different than that.
  21. Hacks to Improve Your Personal Life


  22. Maintain a Tidy Work Area
    A cluttered work area is distracting, increases frustration and time when attempting to find specific items.
  23. Learn How to Speed Read
    Speed reading will decrease the amount of time spent reading and allow your brain to take in more of the information that you are consuming. An elementary school teacher taught me the basics but I found a great tool online to help you out.

    Spreeder is a free online speed reading tool that claims to increase your reading ability by 300 percent.

  24. Power Up by Taking a Nap
    A quick refresh with a nap lasting 10-20 minutes is all you may need to improve efficiency. Naps are scientifically proven to improve memory, performance, alertness as well as overall efficiency.

    A 20 minute nap will also an effective way to reduce sleep deprivation as highlighted by Dr. Sara C. Mednick author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life..

  25. Take a Break
    Sometimes you have to admit that you are exhausted and just want to take a break. Go talk with a co-worker, a neighbor, watch tv, or surf the web. Take the time for yourself and just block everything else.

    This will serve as a quick refresh to increase your energy levels and improve efficiency.

  26. Bring Life into Your Life
    Consider having some plants on or around your desk. The plants will brighten up your work area while injecting more oxygen into your vicinity.

    More oxygen into the blood will allow you to remain alert and maintain energy levels.

  27. Hacks to Improve Your Health and Increase Energy


  28. Food for Thought, Eat Healthy
    Foods high in healthy fats such as avocados, fish, nuts and seeds have the essential nutrients to help develop your cognitive abilities. I take 3,000 mg of Omega-3s during the day and have noticed clarity in my thinking.
  29. Extra Hours Don’t Always Work
    Studies have shown, that employees don’t necessarily produce more as they work extra hours. Working more than 50 hours per week produces no more results than working 45 hours on average.
  30. Strategic Caffeine Intake
    There are strategic times to consume caffeine. Whether it be Coffee or as I drink, Green Tea, the best times are mid-morning and mid-afternoon. These are the times where the food you have consumed for breakfast and lunch are no longer providing your energy.
  31. Scents to Improve your Senses
    Different scents emit aromas that can improve efficiency through positive influence on your mood and mindset. The scent of Cinnamon improves focus and concentration while Peppermint boosts energy and clear thinking. Rosemary fights physical exhaustion when smelled in the morning and Citrus stimulates alertness.

    If these aren’t effective, quickly drink a glass of water or eat an apple, you will perk right back up.

  32. Stand, Don’t Sit
    Sitting will introduce a complacency state into your work habits while decreasing your productivity. Think about what you do while you sit; eating, watching television, relaxing, none of these events require improved efficiency.

    Standing will trigger a sense of urgency in your brain and will immediately increase energy levels and productivity. There are also a myriad of added health benefits that you can get from standing while you work.

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