Camping, Trips Back in Time for Future Memories

As my children grow up, I want to instill in them the same values and memories I gained while I was camping with my parents. Some of the best memories of my childhood were camping and fishing with my parents. I want my children to have those memories.


Camping with my parents started out in a 9 by 9 canvas tent where the 4 of us slept. If it rained, we couldn’t touch the walls because the water would come in. If it was windy, the walls flapped continuously and nobody slept. I would not change those memories for the world.

Fast forward to today, we try to take our children camping every chance we get. We have a small pop up tent trailer that we hitch up to our SUV and off we go.

I hope to recreate the memories I had camping from my childhood with my kids

The last camping site we visited was half an hour outside of a major city with multiple tourist attractions. A far cry from our usual camp sites which are usually based away from civilization.

We enjoyed many of the tourist attractions, the ball game, the zoo, the amusement park (where I almost won a prize) but my children seemed happiest back at the camp site.

My daughter wore a hooded sweatshirt with ears on that look like a bear.

She pretended to be one as she chased my son all around the campsite. Not one attraction had them laughing and smiling the way that innocent little bear chase did.

What is it about a camping where you can just let loose and have fun?

Our children get to stay up later, stuff their face with marshmallows and sit around the campfire with glow sticks on every extremity. They love it. As they sit around the campfire, we tell them fairy tales of made up creatures, that bear a striking resemblance to our lives.


My son is haywire. He will run around non-stop all day and look for reasons to get in trouble. Sit him in front of a campfire and he is a different person. We all are. Life just stops and the only things that matter are the crackling of the wood on the fire and the people that are around you.

Where else can you do this?

Our lives off the campsite can be so hectic. A rushed supper, home late from work, sometimes just a few hours a day to see each other, it is never enough. We, as a family, lose touch of those opportunities that we can connect with our kids.

I learn more from my daughter, about her habits and who she is, from one weekend of camping then I will from an entire month of being at home. It is sad, definitely, but right now the reality of the situation.

Camping creates nothing but memories. Whether you are playing a game on rainy days, going to the beach or just enjoying the outdoors, the family time you will have camping cannot compare.

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