Why Every Dad Must Vote for Donald Trump

Donald Trump will provide the greatest opportunities for your children’s future. You don’t have to look much further to see the quality of a man then to look at his children. The ultimate measure of any father is to look upon his children to determine how great of a father […]


Father Forgets by W. Livingston Larned

Father Forgets by W. Livingston Larned originally appeared in “Reader’s Digest” in this condensed version, I found it through Dale Carnegie’s best-selling book How to Win Friends & Influence People. Listen, son: I am saying this as you lie asleep, one little paw crumpled under your cheek and the blond […]


Encouraging a Child’s Dream can be Expensive

Encouragement of your children’s activities and goals is one of the more significant things you can do to help your children achieve their dream. As a Dad, I know that I want to encourage my children in any way I can. Even if the financial commitment is steep, I would […]


Camping, Trips Back in Time for Future Memories

As my children grow up, I want to instill in them the same values and memories I gained while I was camping with my parents. Some of the best memories of my childhood were camping and fishing with my parents. I want my children to have those memories. Camping with […]


Hey Dads, Put Down Your Phone

What is everyone’s cell phone obsession? People, parents, everyone seems to be glued to their phone. Even dads. We went out for supper on Friday night, a weekly tradition in our family after a long week. As We were sitting down for our meal and we were in the excruciatingly […]


Procrastinate or Am I Just Being A Shitty Dad?

Do I procrastinate or is that I am being a shitty dad? My daughter has asked me to build her a couple of items over the summer. She has wanted a toy chest and a small book shelf that she can put on her desk. I haven’t built them yet. […]