Swallow the Frog – Wake Up and Crush Your Day

All Dads have been there, lying in bed in the morning worried about that one thing that we have to do during the day. Get up, Swallow the Frog and improve your day immediately. Wait…What does Swallow the Frog mean? It means that project you don’t want to tackle, that […]

Why I Started The Dads Rise Blog

No longer could I watch the roles of dads and fathers being diminished in our society. I started the Dads Rise Blog to help build confidence and strength in Dads everywhere to help them become a superhero with the memories we have of our dads. The evidence of the diminishing […]

My Son’s Second Birthday

There are certain moment’s in any Dad’s life where you pause to reflect on the things that are going on in your life. I find I take pause when certain milestones have hit in the past such as moving, taking on a new job, starting this website, reading certain books […]

What is a Covert Contract?

Ingrained in us from the time we were children, is something that is called a covert contract. A covert contract is an unwritten agreement that you believe you have with your spouse, friend or a coworker; the only issue is that the other person has no idea that a contract […]