My Coworker got Fired, Is My Job Safe?

In the back of most people’s mind is whether or not they are going to get fired.


Just before I left my old job, I got that ominous call from my boss to meet in the boardroom.

I was working at this job for about 6 months at the time and it doesn’t matter where you work, that call is the same.

As he sat us down, there were two faces that were noticeably absent. While the news was handed down, you could see an already uneasy group further have the wind knocked out of them.

Two coworkers were fired and among a staff of 11 the news hits a bit harder. Noone could ask any questions, noone could utter any words.

It was readily apparent that everyone was calculating their own future.

As I went back to my office, I sat down and began to think about the work I was doing and the effort I was giving.

Feel like you going to be fired? Ask yourself these questions.
  1. If I was the boss and was watching me work, would I have reason to keep me?
  2. Am i making my self indispensable?
  3. What have I learned in the last month that I have used to improve my job?
  4. What sources of extra income do I have to meet my families needs?

The answers to the first two questions should be yes. If the answer is no, then find ways to make yourself more involved.

Avoid getting fired by becoming an important part of the team

One tip I used was approaching my immediate bosses and ask them if there was anything I could take off their plate. In most cases the higher up the chain you go, the more time people are working.

Even if they only have one thing to give you, that is one more thing that is your responsibility and one more reason for you to be indispensable.

I can assure you that once you do the job once or twice, your boss will somewhat forget how to do it and not want it back.

The answer to question three is something, anything.

Gone are the days of having the same job for your entire career. If you are not growing as an employee you are dying. The opportunities for furthering your career are endless.

Enhance your abilities with training opportunities through your work, free courses on the internet or enrolling in an online University. Undertaking training that is directed towards your career will make you more valuable.

Some employers offer reimbursements for training and tax credits to help you on your tax returns.

The key to all of this is to continually improve yourself and become the best dad and man you can.


A Side Hustle will Lessen the Burden of Being Fired

The answer to the fourth and final question should be that you have an alternative stream of income. I have built an accounting practice to the point of a couple grand per month and this website which I will make money from as my readership increases. What can you do for a side hustle to make extra money?

You can start your own blog, click here to find out how but also take a look at what you can offer.

Maybe it’s something simple as landscaping or washing cars or maybe something bigger like electrical work or automotive work. The key is to protect yourself and children if you lose your job.

Noone can predict the future. You can’t control the emotions of someone else.

If someone determines that you or your position is no longer required you will be fired.

Dad up and ensure you have the means in place to protect yourself going forward.

A safe family is a happier family while a dad that can be relied upon is a better dad.

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