Dad’s Day at The Beach – 5 Forgotten Games

dad-beach-day-5-forgotten-gamesPlaying at the beach is the easiest place to allow your inner kid to come out. Dads I speak to have many of their fondest memories on beaches.

Memories were made when they were children, their teenage years or even with that special someone.

Running up and down the shore as the waves crashed against the sand, the feeling of invincibility always came over us. Life always seemed to slow down a little and the smiles always seemed bigger. Now that we are Dads, there is no reason for that to change.

Instilling those memories will allow children to flashback to those times and the great memories they had with their dads.

Now that we are older, we may have forgotten some of the games that we enjoyed most at the beach. Below you will find 5 forgotten games your children can play at the beach with dad.

1. Building Sand Castles

Ok, this isn’t a forgotten game but the level of what you can do is. It’s easy to fill up a bucket with sand and flip it upside down and boom, you have a castle but I remember when I was young my Dad helping my Brother and I. We would dig pools and let the water flow in, the water would get so warm compared to the lake when the sun would heat it.

We would also build motes around our castles and find sticks to make little bridges across the mote. We would make flags out of sticks and leaves and put them on top of each of the castles.

We entered into a sand castle building competition once. I still remember how hard my dad worked to help us out. Dads want to win just like I do with my children now. You can find a bucket and plastic shovel kit at any dollar store.

2. Frisbee on the Beach

play-frisbee-beachWe had gone a long time without a Frisbee in our house and we were fortunate to pick one up at a trade show for one of the companies that was presenting. We took it to the beach last weekend and my wife and I started throwing it and both of our children immediately wanted to play.

My daughter was pretty good at playing frisbee. My son would try throwing it, it would fall and roll a bit then he would run after it. You would be surprised at how much running and movement you can do playing Frisbee.

Although the water was a bit cool, the opportunity for the spectacular in water diving grab is always there, which is sure to impress your children when they see you flying through the air like a superhero.

3. TV Tag

I played this with my daughter a few weeks ago for the first time. The rules of this game are to flatten out an area of sand so looks like a TV screen. Write the initials of one of the kids favorite shows and give them the opportunity to guess that the initials stand for. Some of the better shows I used were DTE – Dora The Explorer or DM – Doc McStuffins. Once the child guesses the title, they have to run towards a finish line before you catch them.

We had a lot of fun with this game and even though I want to say I let my daughter reach the finish line, there were times where I could legit not catch her. This is a bad sign.

4. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is always a great idea and can provide for fun with very little effort. Write the list of items needed in the sand if you are able and they can range from rocks that look like a ball or heart, sticks that look letters, sea shells, it all depends on what area of the world you live in.

The last scavenger hunt I did we needed a letter stick, a rock that looks like a heart, two red rocks and sun tan lotion. I find having a range of 4-6 items is enough that your kids can remember the list without having to reset each time they need to think of something.
Sun tan lotion was an interesting one because we only had one bottle with us.

It forced me, the dad of course, to approach other people and ask to borrow those. The first time I did this, I was a bit nervous but the more I realized that they were either going to say here it is or no, I quickly overcame this fear. Little steps like this help build confidence as a dad and as a man

5. Skipping Rocks with Dad

child-355176_640When I was young, I remember spending a lot of time at the beach, searching for that perfect flat rock for skipping.

I would throw it and sometimes it would skip once, twice, my record seven times or would nosedive right into the water. This happened more often than not but gave me the motivation to find another rock and try to break my record again. Dads want to win.
My daughter has started skipping rocks. I find that she spends more time finding the rocks to give to me to try to skip then anything. She wants to see her Dad the Superhero break his record.

Have fun at the beach and play different beach games. Let your inner kid come out and have fun.

Our window at the beach is maybe three months each year. It will be back to being too cold to go to the beach. Build the biggest sand castle, dive into the water, let your children win the races, make a fun scavenger hunt, or skip a rock to where the water meets the sky.

Just create a memory that your children will keep with them forever.

What is your favorite beach memory or game? Let me know about it in the comments below.

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