Dads, You are a Business – Invest in Yourself

Dads, as the head of your family, you can’t be the best dad or husband unless you take care of yourself first. Imagine yourself as a business and invest in yourself.

You must take care of yourself first. Not your kids, not your spouse, you.


You can never project happiness, strength or love on the rest of your family if you don’t feel those things for yourself. No one outside of you is able to control your feelings or emotions, your environment may affect you but you are in control of your own emotions.

Imagine you are a Business – Invest in yourself

Your ability to meet the challenges that you face every day is based on your preparedness. Giving yourself all available advantages will help you achieve more every day.

The goal of all business is to make money and continue growing. The saying I have always used in my businesses is if you are not growing, you are dying. Why would this be any different in your personal life?

Develope and provide yourself with the highest quality tools (assets) that you can meet your obligations (liabilities) in order to build your life value (Owner’s Equity).

Assets – Liabilities = Owner’s Equity.
This is the basic accounting function, which you will learn on your first day of accounting class.

Consider what assets you have available to you. These are the tools that you utilize to increase your value as a man. Your ability to make money, your ability to be healthy, your ability to protect your family. Business will upgrade their assets based on their requirements to either increase production or reduce down time. You can upgrade your tools to increase production (learn something new) or reduce down time (be healthier, more energy).

When was the last time you attempted to invest in your own assets?

As an example from my own life, in the last three weeks, I took advantage of one of the most under-utilized programs in North America, the Library. The modern US library system began when a group of multi-millionaires wanted to give back to their communities. Dale Carnegie donated in excess of $60 million throughout his lifetime (which was in the early 1900’s) building well over 2,500 libraries around the world. There is no greater tool than the opportunity and ability to expand your knowledge base and learn.

I started using it and have read 5 books with themes including persuasion, success, and even marketing. Will everything I have read become ingrained in my every day life? Potentially not but I have definitely learned a lot and will continue to learn more. Many of the things I have read have allowed me to consider certain aspects of my life that I can improve.

Go get a Library card. My kids absolutely love the library – which is something I hope they take with them for the rest of their lives. At the library, grab any non-fiction book that may interest you. A biography, a success book, anything that will get your brain going. Fiction books, although exciting to read provide little value for improving yourself.

Grow a Stronger Business – Invest in your Health


There is one principal rule that I follow with my health and you should follow it as well. Garbage in leads to garbage out. Invest the time to put quality food in your body.

If the foods you are consuming (potato chips, candy) are garbage, then you will feel like garbage. Your body needs good solid food for maximum benefit. Chicken, green vegetables, the list goes on. These foods have the underlying nutrients to maintain your health and provide strength.

Garbage diets will damage your health, lower testosterone and decrease your ability to achieve full erections.

Do something that will cause you to break a sweat every day. If you are able, I fully recommend lifting weights or performing High Intensity Interval Training. If you are unable to do these for lack of funds (make more money) or space, go for a walk with your kids, play soccer, hide and seek, anything active. Healthy habits develop routines which will assist you in living a stronger, healthier life.

Many of the recipes that are posted on this website are healthy and contribute to growing stronger men. If you feel like shit, your output is going to be shit and your kids will take notice. Trust me on this, I have been there.

Don’t let any woman or person fool you by saying that the DadBod is the way to go. The DadBod is absolute nonsense and is meant to keep men from continually improving themselves while women hit their wall and their looks begin to deteriorate. If you aren’t happy with the way you look or feel, the only person who can change that is you.

If you can’t take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of your family.

Invest in yourself and build up your asset value. Learn something new, fuel your body with good food and be the best man, which will help you be the best Dad you can be.

Kids are expensive. I created as a means to invest in my Children’s future as well as share the knowledge I have gained with my readers. If you have gained any benefit from the article, consider donating, 100% of the proceeds will be invested in my Children’s future. Every $2 Helps!

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