About the Dads Rise Blog

DadsRise.com is written by a former “Nice Guy” who would do anything he could to please everyone but himself.

Struggle was all life had become, struggle with alcoholism, struggle with debt, struggle with being a half decent dad.

Gone was the masculine man that had big dreams, gone was the man that did what he wanted, gone was the man who believed he could accomplish anything.

Gone was sex with my wife.

It was time for a change, there was literally nothing left to lose.

Through the stages of swallowing the red pill, all of the anger at myself, all of the misplaced anger at my wife and family, swelled up. Ready to explode with seemingly very little places to turn.

As life improved through hard-work, long hours and coming to terms with my alcoholism it is now time to give back.

There are many red-pill sites, there are few for those with a family. DadsRise.com is for those men who want to empower themselves not to bang countless girls but to lead their family and develop productive children.

DadsRise.com dives deep into masculinity and fatherhood with a variety of blog posts related to 4 main categories. Business. Family. Finance. Men.

Business – As a professionally accredited accountant, you can read articles about growing a business, building from the ground up, accounting functions

Family – The ability to lead your family to success lies completely on the Dads shoulders, you can read articles on how to do that, activities for your family and overall creating a great atmosphere in your family

Finance – Being nearly $125K in consumer debt taught me many things, like choosing if there was enough food for me to eat tonight, you can read articles about how to make money, getting out of debt and passive income sources

Men – What is all boils down to? A man leads his life the way he sees fit, you can read articles on how to become a better, more masculine man

You can’t stop time, live your life now

Thank you for taking the time to visit DadsRise.com. If any article has helped you in any way, please share it. If you are struggling, there are many more who are struggling as well.