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Welcome! is dedicated to Fathers Everywhere. Dads are superheroes but have been slowly pushed out of the family and out of our Children’s lives.

Dads are not babysitters, we are parents and this website is built to help them become better men.

Why are Dads so important? Here are some facts.

Girls who have strong relationships with their Fathers are more likely to do better in math, have better problem solving skills and are more curious about life and how things work. Dads and Daughters relationship is fundamentally build on involvement.

Boys who have strong relationships with their Fathers perform at higher levels in schools, develop stronger verbal skills earlier in life and have less behaviour problems.

Dads involved in their Children’s lives give far more opportunity for their child’s enrichment.

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In 2013, there were over 215,000 Stay-at-Home-Dads, not babysitters, parents. In honour of their Dedication to their families, I have become a proud Featured Blogger for the National At Home Dad Network.

More and more Fathers are staying home to parent and many are making extra money by writing a blog.

Dads are fun, have the best sense of humors and I have compiled a list of the best Dad Jokes.

DadsRise encourages interaction with your children so that both you and your child can grow and prosper.

It is a scary world out there and it is our responsibility to give them the best opportunities.

Visit the contact page, send me an email, tell me your story….with your permission I would love to share it.