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And there I lie; drunk on the couch.

Two brown empty bottles laying on the floor in front of me.

My wife and three year old daughter rolling their suitcases out the door.

Tears slide down my cheek as I watch my Daughter look back at me for what could be the very last time.

Tears are covering her face; her shirt is soaking wet from the tears.

I finally know what it was like to hit rock bottom.

How did I let it come to this? My life is shit.

The year is 2013 and I’m a mess.

  • I was an alcoholic – drinking close to 12 beer a day and drinking vodka straight from the bottle
  • I was in debt – not only was I $3,000 in overdraft, I had $125,000 in consumer debt with nothing to show for it
  • I earned next to nothing – after getting fired from my job, for perfectly valid reasons, my total income that year was $13,000
  • My wife had checked out – behind my back talking to an ex-boyfriend on Facebook and giving me pity sex once every three months
  • And worst of all – my Daughter did not have a Dad – she had a drunk who had a beer beside him every time we played

Lying in disbelief, I knew something had to change.

I could not lose my wife and my Daughter.

There needed to be some changes.

There was no community for Dads that I knew of, no groups that I knew of.

I was completely alone.

The computer was ten steps away from me; I slowly stagger over toward it and pull out the chair.

My first Google search is “How to melt an ice Queen?” – what the fuck does that even mean.

But that’s where I am – everything is someone else’s fault.

After countless dead ends – I come across a site; a forum – Married Man Sex Life.

After hours and hours poring over it, I begin to realize, maybe it’s my fault my life is shit.

It’s time to learn – it’s time get my Daughter back!

I always had second thoughts about bringing a child into this shitty world.
When I realized the world was shitty because I was shitty, my whole world began to change.

It took me four years; but my life is back.

No longer was I

  • An alcoholic – After years of struggling, fighting, I won and now completely sober
  • In debt – through the assistance of a consumer proposal, I paid off $75,000 of my consumer debt in less than 3 years
  • Earning little – my 2017 tax return as filed had a 6-figure employment and 5-figure side hustle
  • Separate from my wife – it was once pity sex every three months, to not having sex three times a week
  • Having to see my child from afar will take you through my journey of how I went from;

    – dead broke to net assets worth over $100,000
    – peanuts for an income to a six figure salary
    – pity sex every three months to sex three times a week
    – alcoholic to sober
    – but most importantly, from watching my Daughter leave to now having two amazing kids

    I’m not perfect, but I have made enough mistakes to help other Dads and Men steer their ship the right way.

    Visit the contact page, send me an email, tell me your story….with your permission I would love to share it.