Encouraging a Child’s Dream can be Expensive

Encouragement of your children’s activities and goals is one of the more significant things you can do to help your children achieve their dream.


As a Dad, I know that I want to encourage my children in any way I can. Even if the financial commitment is steep, I would rather work my ass off for her to have an opportunity than not.

My daughter loves gymnastics and wants to move into a competitive division. In order to get there, she has to go through a program called “Gym Bunnies”. The Gym Bunnies program is a pre-competitive division for gymnastics.

The commitment for my daughter’s time will be 4 hours per week. She says she can handle it, but it runs from 4 to 6 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, right through supper time. She also has homework those nights as she will be starting Grade 2 in a matter of weeks.

There is a Cost with Helping a Child Achieve their Dream.

The cost of gymnastics, in this case, is over $900, for four months. When my wife told me this I was a little nervous. Having that money available to spend on an extra-curricular activity would need to some reworking of our budget.

Will this investment be worth it?

Do I expect my Daughter to make it to the Olympics? Do I expect her to turn Gymnastics into a college scholarship? Answers, maybe. Every dad will dream big for their children and try to encourage them to do their best.


I, however, consider this an investment in my Daughter. She doesn’t know the dollar value, but she recognizes the cost associated with this is high. She has asked about it, we have told her that we will make it work and not to concern herself.

With her knowing this, the investment is in my Daughter to build character and dedication. I expect her to work as hard as she can (which she has done all summer) to get to that level to join competitive.

Dream Big My Girl

If you can envision it, you can achieve it.

This is the mantra of so many books I have read, two of which I recommend to all Dads, Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

We intently watched the gymnastics events at the Olympics her and I. We pushed back bed time, moved bath times, early suppers just so that she could watch every minute possible.

She seemed to barely blink while their routines were going. I will never know what she was truly thinking but I hope that she was envisioning herself being at the Olympics.

As a Dad, I have no other desire to encourage my Daughter in every way I can. I will be her support when she needs help and her voice of reason when she needs encouragement.

Kids are expensive. I created DadsRise.com as a means to invest in my Children’s future as well as share the knowledge I have gained with my readers. If you have gained any benefit from the article, consider donating, 100% of the proceeds will be invested in my Children’s future. Every $2 Helps!

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    1. Thanks Julian.

      As Dads it is our roles to ensure that we do whatever is necessary to make the money required to run our families.

      This includes making sure we can help our children achieve their dreams.

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