Why Every Dad Must Vote for Donald Trump

Donald Trump will provide the greatest opportunities for your children’s future.


You don’t have to look much further to see the quality of a man then to look at his children. The ultimate measure of any father is to look upon his children to determine how great of a father they are.

Donald Trump is an amazing father.

As I have watched the US elections, I have been greatly intrigued by studying the children of each of the candidates. The way the Donald Trump’s children speak so highly of him, from the stories of their upbringing, to the deep involvement of their father has been of particular note. There is a genuine love of their father and sincere appreciation for him.

As a father, I strive every day to be the best man I can for my children and I truly believe Donald Trump embodies the characteristics I aim for in myself. Smart, successful, involved. I have read stories about Mr. Trump holding meetings while his children played on the floor off to the side of his office. This is something I couldn’t even fathom with my children; before I read it.

The greatest feeling I have every day is getting home from work and having my children run up to me and wrap their arms around me. Donald Trump’s children have the same look on their face when they speak of their dad as my children do when they run up to me. The excitement and the appreciation just to speak of him to anyone really shows how great he must be.

Make Yourself Great Again

There have been countless stories I have read about hard-working citizens not being able to make their ends meet. The last thing I could ever imagine is sending my children out into a world where their opportunities cease to exist. However, the election of one person is not going to change your life if you aren’t going to go out and grab it.

Watching Donald Trump should give every dad the motivation to go out and grab it.

All dads aspire to be successful regardless of what their definition of success is. Do you want to be successful dad? I have never met Donald Trump but I use him as a personal mentor as he has the success I desire in my life.

A tremendous father, a financial success, hardworking and energy that can only come from years of dedication. Having this man lead a country with the same enthusiasm he has led his family, business and life with these characteristics is an opportunity that has never been presented before.

“Bad words” are going to have little effect on your children’s future. A lack of jobs and opportunity will.

Vote For Donald Trump

You, Dad, Mom . . . Get out and vote! The opportunities that Donald Trump is presenting to every family through his policies must be remembered when you visit that booth. More opportunities for an economy that has been depressed, more opportunities for a middle class that has become a dying breed. Reliance on someone else makes you a slave to them, reliance on a government hand-out makes you a slave and you will never have the opportunity to realize your full potential.


I hesitated to write this post. It wasn’t because that I had wavering convictions in my belief that Donald Trump will give every opportunity to every American citizen but that I may turn off some readers of mine. If I go through life worrying about what other people think of me, I will never be happy as the person I am.

Many of the detractors of Donald Trump bully his supporters, which is in direct reversal to the tolerant lives they supposedly lead. They hate bullies but act like bullies themselves.

When I watch the Olympics I route for my country, I want the athletes from my country to be successful.

Donald Trump will make the USA successful again! Get out and Vote!

Thank you Mr. Trump for running so that I can aspire to be as successful as you are.

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