Fight for the Name on the Front, Not the Back

From a young age, dads and coaches taught you to play for the name on the front of your jersey, not the name on the back.


Over the last few years, this has been forgotten

There are always going to be things out there that are bigger than each individual. A team, a group or even a country. A month ago was Remembrance/Veterans Day, a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice so many soldiers made for the freedom of our countries.

These soldiers truly fought for the name on the front of their uniform. That little flag adorned in front of their heart. Sacrificing their own lives for the greater good of their country and the people they love. Regardless of political belief or background, the flag that flew in their hometown was the logo they represented.

Fast-forward to today and people are more worried about the name on the back of their jersey then anything else.

The riots/protests/paid anarchism that is taking place in the United States one can only wonder what type of upbringing these people had if any. It boils down to, they didn’t get their way so now they riot.

The hypocrisy is truly astounding.

These rioters whole basis is that they are against the President-Elect’s supporters because they believe they will undermine the rioter’s rights. The rioters are literally doing the thing they are rioting against, very sad.

Fight for the name on the front

What can we do as Dad’s if our children are in this situation? Teach them to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. The campaign that just took place in the United States has far reaching implications throughout the world. As one of the world’s superpower, it has a major effect on so many aspects of our lives, regardless of the country you live in.

From trade to the filth of culture that Hollywood produces, the US affects most everyone on this planet.

The US citizens fought for the name on their front when they elected Trump…

…and that is what all these special snowflake rioters don’t understand. They are too consumed with destroying Trump supporters as they have differing opinions that they fail to look inside themselves to realize their own actions.

Maybe you disagree, maybe you believe that the rioters are justified because Trump has said denigrating things about certain persons. If you really look for the information and ignore what the filth of culture wants you to believe, you will probably have a change of heart.

Trump was acting as the Coach of the team and wanted to ensure that his players, those who wear the same logo as him and those who represent the values of a prosperous country are safe. Giving up those freedoms to rioters who scream the loudest, spray-paint the crudest message will not make any country better. It simply moves the line as to what people can get away with. They will only attempt to push the line again until chaos is reached.

The silent majority of citizens in the United States decided that their line was pushed far enough. It was time to put their faith in Trump to lead them back to the promised land.

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