Who Knew My Kids Love the Great Outdoors?


As the car pulled into the parking spot, the great outdoors upon us, the rush of the water crashing down from the waterfalls ahead echoed through the trees. The mist rose up like a fog and surrounded you, immediately opening up your senses to the journey we were about to embark on.

The weekend that just past, I decided that I was going to get my kids to experience an outdoors activity that we had never done before. We have gone on hikes through the bush but this hike outdoors was going to be a little different

To the Great Outdoors We Go

The car was packed and we left the house around 8:30 AM. Sunday mornings are usually meant for relaxing but today was different, we had a big day planned. Waterfalls, the Beach and Mini-Putt Golf, it was going to be a busy Sunday.

It was around 9 am when we arrived at the parking area for the waterfalls. After grabbing our packsack, we began walking towards the trail. My Daughter had dressed up her doll in her hiking clothes and she was ready to come along as well. The doll should have stayed at home.

We began down the path and it was a well-broken trail, at first. At the first lookout, we took multiple pictures of the falls and our family, the real hike was about to begin. As we were high up, we had to keep him away from the edges of the lookout. My son started to get antsy, he doesn’t like to be controlled by walking paths when the outdoors is all around us.

We started down the hill and it was all bedrock on the way down. I gave my son a piggy back ride down (in hindsight this could have gone bad). My daughter, though, was jumping from rock to rock like she had done it a thousand times before, Dad was a little bit proud. We reached the bottom of the rocks on the waters edge, right below the base of the falls.


Our Ascent up the Falls

The hiking trail was well broken but there were many roots and rocks that jutted out of the ground. I believed that this would prove difficult for my kids, my daughter dodged them like she had done it 1,000 times before, she hasn’t. My son was also navigating well but he found it difficult to climb, so I threw him on my shoulders and up we went.

Half way up the side of the hill was our first opportunity to venture out to the rocks to take a closer look at the falls. My daughter had no interest. She was hell bent on getting to the top so that we could get on the bridge and look over the entire waterfall.

The bridge was in sight as we reached the top and it only drove my daughter faster, with a huge smile on her face. She was about to achieve this impressive climb and you could see her beaming with pride.

I let my son down as soon as we were on the bridge. He stopped and looked at the water crashing below. I could tel that even thought he didn’t know why the water was happening this way, that he enjoyed it.

We came back to the start of the bridge and noticed a small blueberry bush. We were able to get a handful of blueberries, a small treat for a successful climb. Is there anything more delicious than wild blueberries.

As we descended down the hill, we stopped at every opportunity to venture out onto the rocks. One moment, I was even able to get my Daughter to jump over a small water path and we were sitting almost in the middle of the falls. There was no way I was allowing my son to go on there.

The conquest at the bottom of the waterfall

At the end of any accomplishment, it is worthwhile to look back at what you have just toppled.

My Daughter stood in awe at the sheer height of the hill we just climbed. “Did I really make it all the way up there?” she asked.

When you first arrive on the trail and look up, it was impressive. You don’t realize how high it actually was until you had to make the climb.

Who knew? My kids love the outdoors.

My daughter couldn’t stop glowing about the waterfalls as we got back in the car.

She was very proud of herself and I was quite proud of her as well, this was quite an accomplishment. We have never taken the kids on anything like this but now that I know she can do these things, we are looking at more opportunities in the future.

Get your kids outdoors, it will create nothing but pride in their accomplishments.

Do you have a local favorite trail or hike that you like to take your kids on?

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