Kill Yourself – Then Start Building Again

Everyone has been down that road. Nothing is going right, it feels as if your life is going to end. It’s not. You know those thoughts you have when you are at your lowest. The “If I get another chance…” thoughts. Remember those? Good…kill yourself and then start building again.

(When bad habits destroy your lifestyle, it’s time to kill yourself and the habits)

Everyday our lives are lived based on habits and hobbies.

Habits are everyday things that we do because they are a part of our lifestyle. They are relatively predictable. On a normal day, we will complete similar activities at roughly the same time. There are two types of habits; good habits and bad habits. The good habits we do on a daily basis enrich our lives, better our children’s lives and create a stronger future. The bad habits we do on a daily basis fail ourselves, fail our children’s live and create a destitute future.

Hobbies are unique. They are not everyday things and we complete them because we enjoy them. Hobbies are not part of our lifestyle but the activities we add to enhance our lives. Similarly, there are two types of hobbies; good hobbies and bad hobbies. Just like habits, there are good hobbies that make us better people and bad hobbies that waste time and energy.

When Bad Habits Become Lifestyle – It’s time to Kill Yourself

Smoking, procrastination, excessive television, porn – all bad habits that need die when you kill your old self. This list is not exhaustive by any means. A majority of peoples’ number one complaint is that there is never enough time in the day. Thinking about the above bad habits, eliminate smoking (12 cigarettes a day at 5 minutes per cigarette) you gain an hour, procrastination you gain half an hour, excessive television you gain another hour and porn you gain a half hour. Add those up, 4 bad habits gone and you gain 3 hours a day, 3 hours can change your life.

At a minimum, imagine you work a $10 dollar an hour job, 3 hours a day is $30. Considering a 5 Day Week, 52 weeks in a year that works out to $7,800 a year. How much debt can you reduce? Can you upgrade your vehicle (saving you excessive repair costs)? Investing in University for your children, a family trip, or further health care? It all stars with eliminating those bad habits that drain your time and energy.

You will never become the greatest dad to your kids if you are letting these bad habits define your lifestyle.

You will never become the greatest person you are capable of if you are letting these bad habits define your lifestyle.

Kill yourself…break these habits to become a better person.

I have this theory.

When we are lying on our death beds, we aren’t going to remember the television shows. We aren’t going to remember the porn.

We aren’t going to remember the smoke breaks in the rain.

We will remember the time we shared with our children and our family.

What do you want to remember when you are lying on your death bed when you have no chance to change things?

Define your Lifestyle by Developing New Good Habits

put-phone-downMost habits start out as hobbies. I was working out quite sporadically a few years ago and it was nothing more than a hobby. Working out made me feel good, increased my energy, increased the frequency of sex in my household and with this consideration it was developed into a habit. A dedicated time was set aside for it so that it would become a part of my everyday life. A habit has been developed.

Once a hobby becomes a habit, you no longer have to think about what comes next or filling in that blank space in your schedule with an unproductive activity. When my kids are in bed, it is time to work out.

This really came to light on how much extra time there was I quit drinking. My nights used to be my ass on the couch, and the beers were being thrown back. A useless, zombie-inducing show played on the television and when I ran out of beer or no longer wanted to watch television, it was bed time.

What a waste of a life.

As part of my daily routine, I now read before I fall asleep. People pay thousands and thousands of dollars to “gurus” for the information that is already written in books.

Everyone’s experiences and thought patterns are different, you will get more out of reading and thinking your own thoughts than having someone telling you what to think.

Breaking Bad Habits Sometimes Require Support

Depending on the severity of your bad habits you may need outside counsel. I broke my alcohol addiction under my own will but that is not necessarily the case for all. Not that it needs to be repeated, but people pay thousands of dollars for the advice of psychiatrists, addiction specialists or even pharmaceuticals. Why not give books a try?

One highly recommended book is Gorilla Mindset written by Mike Cernovich. Gorilla Mindset has many daily habits you can introduce into your life that will allow you to improve your life. This book has changed my life as a dad and man. One habit Mike recommends and that I have begun developing is the habit of self-talk. Self-talk is having a conversation with yourself to bring you into the moment while encouraging you to be more accountable to yourself. On my 10 minute drive to work each day, I now say out loud what my expectations are to complete that day. From my absolute top priorities going down the list. Saying the daily priorities (and hearing it) triggers effects on my brain that ensure these activities are complete during the day. Feelings of guilt come out if they are not, because I have let myself down.

Sometimes in life, you begin to develop habits that deteriorate the person you want to be. Kill the old you, destroy those bad habits and develop the habits that will define your lifestyle.

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