Have More Sex – Pick up a Set of Weights

Imagine there was one thing you could do that would immediately start to turn your life around and have more sex. There is: pick up a set of weights.


We live in a superficial society, as much as people say that the way someone looks has no effect on their feelings towards them; it does. The judgement of the way something looks is deeply programmed into our systems from when we were babies with bright colours. Bright, attractive colours catch our attention more than dull colours.

Superficial attraction is one of the main underlying concepts in selling something. Advertisers use attractive models, both male and female and bright colours to increase sales in many products. Advertisements for products that feature these tend to sell more units. Beer companies purposefully put young attractive people enjoying their products rather than four guys sitting in a garage because it will sell more product.

Meeting our standard of beauty will be far more eye appealing and desirable than imagery that is not. A sunset is more eye catching than a dark sky and a waterfall more so than a swamp.

Be the Waterfall, Start Working out With Weights

Dadbods are the biggest pile of bullshit to ever hit the family dynamic.

Women say they love it so that they can be lazy and worry less about potential infidelities.
If the wives aren’t attracted to their own husbands, it is doubtful that any other woman will be.
If you wife is not attracted to you, she is not going to fuck you.

When it comes to weights, you don’t need to overthink it. To get started, there is absolutely no reason to go out and buy a huge weight set. It can be done for free. Fill two milk jugs with sand, find some big rocks and carry them around.

My Daughter enjoys the monkey bars, while she is on them, I hammer out a couple of chin-ups/pull-ups. Simple. She enjoys that I am hanging on the bars with her but little does she know I am using it for me.

If someone is watching you they are going to think one of two things,

  1. why is that person doing chin-ups?
  2. or who is that person doing chin-ups.

But you don’t care because your goal is becoming strong, more attractive for yourself and your wife will take notice.playground-workout-kids

Many Dads go to the park with their children and sit on the sidelines. Chances are that the ratio of Moms to Dads is 10:1, give or take. Talking to those Moms is not going to improve your life or your relationship with your children, enjoying the equipment or built in training facility will. The Moms will notice you more this way if that’s what you are interested in then that is your window.

If you begin weight lifting with the mindset that you are improving yourself, your motivation for greatness will take care of itself. Any other mindset and you are setting yourself up for disappointment or failure. If you are lifting for your wife, you will fail. If you are lifting for that cute girl down the hall, you will fail. You have the wrong motivation.

Weightlifting is simple, all you are doing is breaking gravity’s pull on the item you are lifting.

The best thing about weight lifting is that it immediately changes something about you. Changing who you are to become a better you takes time. Reading more, developing habits to build wealth are progressions whereas hitting the weights for two weeks can have results. These results will provide the motivation to improve other aspects of your life.

You know that feeling you have when your work-out is done, exhaustion, heavy breathing, difficulty changing shirts; that is the pain, the addiction that should drive you. The addiction of become a better man should drive you to the gym, to the library, to your children.

When you are commit to something do it the best you can and as hard as you can. You may only get one opportunity so don’t miss it.

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