Look in the Mirror – Your Life is all Your Fault

Does this story sound familiar? It is always someone else’s fault. The reason you are not having sex with your wife is her fault. It was other business’s fault for not hiring you. You aree an alcoholic because you are bored and the liquor store is so close.


Are you not having sex, broke and an alcoholic and none of it your fault? Nothing will change until you take responsibility for the shitty life you are leading.

Your relationship with your wife got off to a great start. You got together in your final year of University and all you did was fuck each other’s brains out. Sure, you were starting to hang out with your friends less, you no longer played that game with your buddies but it didn’t matter. This girl was giving you the pussy every second you had the opportunity. You started fights with your brother over this girl, but it didn’t matter because she made you cum over and over again.

Oneitis – she is the only thing that matters.

Your buddies start to drift away from you, guys you have known for years because all you can do is talk about this girl. You neglect them, they say see you and keep on continue having the kick ass life that you liked about these guys to begin with.

It’s OK, you replace your friends, with her friends. All of them girls. You go to the bar with all of the girls, just you and 6 or so of them. You become another one of the girls. Buy the occasional shot for every girl there. You don’t see that you are becoming a bitch for not one but 6 girls.

In a matter of months, your bank account is empty while losing all of your friends. Sex with your wife is down to once a month or not having sex with your wife at all. The sex is stale, vanilla and you are left yearning for the porn star sex you were having a few months ago.

You have become a shell of your former self and your wife doesn’t have sex anymore
You are no longer the driven force you once were while your work suffers because you are saddened by what your life is becoming. Your boss starts to take notice and he wonders what’s going on with you. Promotions pass you by and the potential you were showing diminishes. Complacency takes over and you are satisfied with a simple 9 to 5 job, so that you can spend more time with your special snowflake. The snowflake who is no longer fucking you.

As your resources diminish, the healthy cash flow you had built is gone. The drive you had to make more money, something you prided yourself, gone. You drive to succeed in every way gone away with the wind.

And this was all her fault.

Your life has is shit and it’s not your fault.

You search the internet, desperately looking for a way to get your wife to fall in love with you again. A simple fix to make all of this go away while getting her to love you again. Be sweeter, nicer, listen more, all the things she has yelled down your throat for years. It seems so simple, but the sweeter, nicer and the more you listen get you absolutely no further into her panties. No matter how many times you thought in your mind.

You come across a few websites, DadsRise.com, Married Man Sex Life, Reddit’s Married Red Pill, you begin to realize one thing and you realize it very quickly. A train has just run you over.

It is all your fault. Not hers, not your parents, not your families, you.

You begin to pour hours and hours into learning more. You become obsessed with it, wanting to learn every single thing about something called a Red Pill.

What is the red pill?

Can you recall that scene in the Matrix when Neo was given the option to take the blue pill or the red pill? The Blue Pill would put him back into the Matrix, scurrying about every day until the day he dies. There will be times of happiness and sadness but you accept the world in all of it’s superficiality and make the best of it as you can.

Or you take the red pill.


Morpheus tells Neo “or take the Red Pill and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes”. Everything you’ve known, everything that has become comfortable, and everything you thought you could count on is now a question mark. What does it all mean? Could this be the cure you need for your life?

You hesitate, you begin to question everything. Was it really someone else’s fault? If you worked a little bit harder or dedicated more time to your job, could you have gotten those promotions with that pay raise? If you hadn’t given up on your buddies would you have still have them in your life? Perhaps you would have gone on a trip with them for guy bonding time.

You have swallowed the red pill without even knowing it.

After finding this website, and the Red Pill ideology, learning that it is your fault begins to open new doors for you. You can never really solve problems in your life without taking the fault. Blame others and you expect them to clean up the problems with your life.

Put down your phone or your computer or tablet, whatever you are reading this on and look in the mirror. Are you back?

Did you see that reflection? That man staring you in the face. Everything you need to be a better man with more earning potential and more sex potential is already there. Look inside and figure out what it is you want in your life and make it happen.

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