May 2016 – Stats Pack (Income Report and Visitors) has officially launched, here is a breakdown of my monthly income and visitors

Welcome to the May 2016 Stats Pack, a breakdown of how I made money online last month and a breakdown of the visitors to my blog about dads.

Readers have questioned why I have decided to release this information, I believe that by releasing this, I not only motivate the reader but I motivate myself to punch through these benchmarks next month.

I started as I saw an opportunity to build a website that offered encouragement to Dads to help build their confidence as a father. Currently, I treat this as a side hustle to make extra money for my growing family.

There are blogs out there, who net over half a million dollars a month, yes that’s $500,000. No matter how difficult it may be to achieve that, this is what I aspire to.

Releasing my monthly income allows me to see where I have come from while building this blog, gives me motivation to perform even better this coming month and shows Dads how you can start a blog and make money online.

Dads be proud of who you are, be proud of your role in the family. Despite all the negativity about us, all of the “babysitter” comments or all of the dinner dates with our children that people mistakenly refer to as “oh, must be dads weekends for the kids”, we play a vital role in the success of our children.

How much money did I make online in May 2016?

I lost $68.58 after expenses in May 2016.

The only item that went through the bank this month was my Web Hosting Fee. I decided to use HostPapa as my web hosting provider because it provided the lowest cost and it’s uptime was one of the higher I found. You can start a blog for even less then this through the DadsRise website if you follow the simple steps here.

    Breakdown of Income
  1. Affiliate Income – $0
    I have signed up through affiliate programs through HostPapa and Amazon so far. I have only had one Amazon placement in the posts.
  2. Advertising Revenue – $0
    I am having issues with getting my AdSense Ads to show in the sidebar. Ads are annoying and many have Ad Block, I will see what I do here
  3. Sponsorship/Placements – $0
    I expect this to be low for a little while. I am hopeful that as traffic increases, there is potential for dad related items such as outdoors, electronics or tech.

Blog Highlights

I believe I started the website at not the best possible time, the summer months people are enjoying the outdoors so I wrote two articles that focused on summer activities, Dad’s Day at the Beach – 5 Forgotten Games and 10 Ways to Win a Stuffed Animal at the Fair. I have a couple of ideas to get these articles out there.

I have joined a few Dad related Forums and introduced myself and the website. I received a little backlash from the first forum I joined as it was dedicated to stay-at-home Dads, the link is I myself was a Stay at Home Dad for a few years, especially when our debt problem was increasing. I respect the highs and lows that Stay At Home Dads go through and I will be writing articles about that segment of fatherhood in the future. I did not directly advertise my website on the second blog but did put a link in the signature line.

My Visitors Reports and Adsense Report for May 2016 are as follows


I am still learning what this means, all I know is that I have to get the traffic numbers up. Much of these “visitors” are me building the website and when I first found that out, I was disappointed. However, I will keep building the blog.

Short-Term Goals

Setting goals are important and I will do the same for my log.

Goal 1 – Have one day where I reach 100 page views. It will serve as motivation that this will work.

Goal 2 – Make one dollar, a symbolic victory but will go a long way as I build this up and try different traffic strategies.

Goal 3 – Despite the above, having fun doing this. Being a Dad is a privilege and I will enjoy every minute of it.

Dads, did May put spring in your step?

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