Monthly Stats Pack

Dads Rise is a community built to help encourage Dads achieve their full potential as men. Not every dad or family situation is the same but we can all strive for that common goal of being the best dad and man we can. We can all begin to win at life.

As a dad, even while I was growing up, every game I played, I played to win. Sometimes I came out on top, other times I didn’t but that didn’t stop me from trying to win the next time.

As part of this encouragement, on a monthly basis I am going to release the Dads Rise Stats Pack. This will be a combination of monthly income as well as visitors and engagement on the website. I am a firm believer in setting benchmarks and doing what is necessary to break those marks.

What one man can do; another man can do.

If I can make an extra dollar, you can as well.
If I can become more confident, you can as well.
If I can become a superhero, you can as well.

There are other bloggers who release this information and many who do not. I feel that being open and transparent will serve as an opportunity for you to think about ways that you can become a better dad and man. Whether it be eating healthier, exercising, reducing debt, hustling for extra money or even blogging for extra income, the opportunities to be more confident are endless.

Keep track of the monthly income and visitor statistics of the Dads Rise Blog by submitting a comment here and checking off to receive monthly newsletters. You will be the first to know when the monthly stats pack is released

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