Motivation from my Daughter’s Birthday

Today, my daughter turns 7 and in between the flashbacks from the days that have passed, I have a strong sense of motivation today.
Why? As I have watched my daughter grow up, every thing she has done I can’t help being amazed. The monster steps she has taken this year in reading or gymnastics, everything she has put her mind too, she has overcome it because of her motivation.

It’s my time to show my motivation

I had struggled for many years with many different aspects of my life and I wasn’t the absolute best dad I could be. I was unmotivated, an alcoholic and deeply in debt. I have even had a hard time being motivated to move forward building this blog.

Not Anymore!

There are times when you are given an opportunity to do something special. I am able to share the struggles I have put myself through and hopefully some of the Dads out there read this and do something different to improve their lives and become a more involved Dad.

I have joined many Dad forums and online discussions groups and there are many struggling Dads who are going through the same things as I did, some even worse. They have forgotten that Dads are superheroes too.

Dads Rise is a website that aims to give motivation to other fathers so that they can take charge of their life and do great things.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

No longer do I want to see Dads referred to as Babysitters or secondary caregivers.

As a dad, this angers me.

I can’t sit back and watch this happen to Dads everywhere and not feel like I gave it my best shot to do something about it.

This is the same thing I was doing with my children, sitting back, not giving everything I have to raise them the best I can.

My Daughter has motivated me to become a better Dad, to be more involved and to make sure I don’t miss out on any more great moments in her life because I am too busy to be a dad.

Have you ever tried pushing a heavy object on wheels? Think about it.

It is at a standstill in front of you, you approach it and perhaps it takes all of your strength to get it moving, but once it starts its easier to continue moving it.

But you lose your motivation, you let the object stop. When it’s time to move it again, you have to put all of your strength behind it to get it moving again.

Don’t stop….. keep pushing forward.

Use your motivation as momentum to improve your life, improve your children’s lives, and to be a better dad.

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