Small Changes

When the calendar rolls over, most use it as an opportunity to pledge resolutions in their lives in order to make large scale changes. The opportunity for a fresh start is amplified by the introduction of a new year. The only issue with this is the resolution to change will more than likely fail.

Why do resolutions fail? Waking up one morning and stating, today is the day I quit smoking or start working out will work . . . temporarily. An engrained habit of smoking or laziness can not be changed overnight without some expected failure in the near future. However, general changes in lifestyle can lead to positive results. Reduction in the amount you smoke per day will yield better results when you quit in the future, then quitting outright. Leading a healthier lifestyle, with better eating, walking/running will be strong changes and motivation to start attending a gym. Lifestyle changes will lead to completed resolutions.

Changing Lifestyles to New Beginnings

Many men get anxious about changing their lifestyle. Why? They are anxious about how other people will react.

Your wife, your colleagues, and your competition all do not want you to improve yourself. The more you improve yourself the harder it is for you to be beat.

They don’t want you to change because it is more difficult for you to be controlled. A man who has been a pushover for years; the “yes” man is easy to manipulate to further their agenda. Any revolution inside of that play-dough man is bad for their business.

If you are not happy with the life you have, what do you have to lose by making a change in your life? Nothing. You are going to get pushback from all of those people listed above. Your wife is used to having her doormat husband, to take antiquing, to drain his bank account and to ignore his desire to have sex. Your colleagues are used to have a fellow worker who will work late while they go to happy hour. Your competition is used to someone who is easy to beat in every facet of the game.

Small lifestyle changes will begin to snowball into bigger changes. Take the stairs, eat less sugar or say NO to someone, all small things that men feel anxious about. You are not doing this for anyone else, you are doing this for yourself. Your goal is to become a better man and a better dad so that you can lead your children to prosperity.

Don’t Let Fear Overtake Your Desire to Change

The changes you make in your life are for no one other than yourself. Walking into a gym can be an intimating experience. Why? The tough guys at the gym don’t care that you are there. They are worried about themselves. They wouldn’t be the size that they are if they cared about every person that walked through that door. Sound familiar? They are excelling in their field, getting huge, because they are concentrating on themselves. Having gone to multiple gyms, those “scary” guys are most times helpful if you have a question to ask such as a workout they can recommend. They are knowledgeable in their field and most men look out for other men. Just don’t use the bench press bench for curls, that shit will get you killed.

Try saying no to one of your colleagues. You may have become the doormat employee for the organization and your fellow employees take advantage of that. Why would they work extra if they have a pushover who will do it for them? They keep getting the raises and the promotions, you continue in the same dead end job. Be the first one there in the morning. You see on the streets those people running into their office/jobs at 9 o’clock in the morning. They are lazy, they are useless and more concerned with getting a cup of coffee. If you are at work right on time, you are 15 minutes late. If you are to start your shift at 9 am, be there at 7:30 am. Chances are the only other people there are your bosses and they will take notice. Making a small change such as showing initiative will make a big difference.

The Fear of Making Changes

The fear of making changes to your life and not having people like the new you is real. It is also total bullshit. The people in your life right now are using you to further themselves. They don’t give a fuck about you at the end of the day. They are laughing about you at happy hour. When you make these changes though, you are bringing a different game to the table. Your colleagues may still not like you but they are going to begin respecting you.

Your wife doesn’t give a fuck either, that’s why she is not fucking you at home. You are providing her with a warm meal and a roof over her head. Your wife will start to remember the man you were when you first started dating. The man you were that made her comfortable putting her feet behind her head. It’s all a progression but reclaiming your masculinity and your former self is the path these milestones are on.

Small Changes Can Lead to Big Results

None of the things that are being recommended here are massive changes to your lifestyle, just small steps. As these small changes take hold then you make some more changes. The development of yourself is progressive, not immediate. Immediate changes will not take hold and will be scoffed at by your wife, your colleagues and your competition. Noone can pick up a baseball bat and be the best power hitter in the world. Practice and perfection over time will make you a better hitter. The progression of your changes is when you will begin to realize that you are no longer that man you were before.

Your wife will ask you why you are making changes in your life. The answer is simple, “I am improving my life to become a better man.” She will notice the changes. 3 weeks after you starting hitting the gym, she will probably bake you cookies. Subconsciously she is doing this to derail you progress. A fat, lazy fuck husband is easier to control. But you are no longer going to be that guy.

The Time to Make Changes is Right Now

The New Year has passed and many resolutions have already gone out the window. The hell with resolutions and the hell with huge changes. Progression of small steps will win the race of becoming a better man.

Nobody cheered for the tortoise against the hare, until the tortoise won.

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