How to Start a WordPress Blog on HostPapa

Believe it or not, you can write your own blog and it can be extremely lucrative. One of your goals should be to maximize your earning potential. Blogging on WordPress through HostPapa has allowed me to make money on the side for my family. The HostPapa CPanel is one of the easiest interfaces I have ever used.

Some websites are making in excess of six figures per month. You can make money too.

Many nights wasted sitting on the couch, watching three or four hours of television thinking to myself, how can I make more money for my family?

It never occurred to me that blogging could be an income stream. I have created goals for myself in monetizing this blog and I believe you can as well. Blogging is just one source of income for myself on Dads Rise.

Click here to start a blog on HostPapa and use the directions below to get it up and running.

A Quick HostPapa Review

I did a fair amount of research on different companies that offered WordPress blogging and one of the major factors was cost, to get started I didn’t have an excessive amount of money but was able to get off the ground for less than $70. The other websites offers seemed to be a bit higher and didn’t offer a free web domain like HostPapa did.

I reviewed HostPapa on a variety of blogging sites and every HostPapa review I read, I was satisfied with. HostPapa revenue and income has been growing at an exponential rate. These are characteristics that I want to align with my businesses. Other hosting companies have become stale and I felt like I sided with the underdog. HostPapa also has a high “up-rate” which means that the site is always available to visitors.

Every HostPapa Review I read was very high on the HostPapa support. Having had to use HostPapa support on a few occassions, it has been very helpful.

Registering a WordPress HostPapa Website

You can start blogging and making money on HostPapa for as little as $2.95 a month (offer is only through this link) and you will get a free domain name if you sign up for a minimum of 12 months which is what I did. I was dragging my feet signing up to blog, because honestly it just didn’t sound like something I was into, but now that I have seen I can make money with very little investment, it has been absolutely no trouble writing a blog.

There are websites out there that do offer free blog hosting, the only issues with those is you are limited to your domain name and you have limited ability to make money. WordPress offers many customization features to set yourself apart from other blogs. I made the small investment in myself through HostPapa so that I have the ability to make extra money writing a blog.

I will layout a list of steps below on how to start a blog on WordPress. This will be done by registering a website through HostPapa.

Click here to access the HostPapa website.


1. Pick your Package on HostPapa

HostPapa offers three different packages for your blog. I recommend the business package as it will allow you to have multiples websites all under the same package. As I grow this blog, I will also be creating new websites that will allow me to make extra money on the internet. The security features are also enhanced for this package. The only downfall is when you renew your package in a year the cost will have gone up, however with dedication and momentum you will be making money by then.


2. Register your Domain Name for your Blog

The first things you need to think of when starting a blog is what the Domain name will be. This can be frustrating as many domain names have been registered either as active websites or domains available for sale.

I believe the domain name should be reflective of your website and shorter in nature. You want something that will be memorable as well so that when you tell someone the link they visit your website.

Once you have thought of a name, visit the HostPapa website here to register your free domain. You will get the free domain name when you sign up for a minimum of 12 months.

3. Fill in Your Information

Go through the information forms and fill them out accordingly. While I was building the website I declined many of the extra add-ons that were offered.

There are free plug-ins for WordPress that offer back-up integration. HostPapa already offers a certain level of security depending on which package you chose.

Once you have all of your contact and payment information you are ready to go. Click Submit. Welcome to the World Wide Web.

4. Linking WordPress to Your Website

This is the easiest part of all. Once you sign into your account on HostPapa you will see a tab that reads MyCPanel, click on it. The HostPapa CPanel using the Softaculous Apps Installer is one of the easiest programs I have used in my 15 years of programming websites.hostpapa-mycpanel
Scroll down in your HostPapa CPanel until you see a header called “SOFTWARE”. hostpapa-softaculous
Click on the link for “Softaculous App Installer”. The WordPress icon is the first one on the list that will pop up, hover over it and you will see the install button.hostpapa-wordpress-install.

Building a website or blog is very straight forward. HostPapa, with its easy to use CPanel and Softaculous Apps Installer makes the whole process simple, even for a beginner.

5 thoughts on “How to Start a WordPress Blog on HostPapa”

  1. This post is really helpful for every blogger. For start up newbies need to know how to do all these stuffs. As you have described about blog establishment which is always the first step for a person who is willing to enter in the field of blogging. It is necessary for a beginner to know for what he/she should approach? Domain names having main keyword is really helpful in SEO of that blog. Some bloggers start a blog with their own name which seems really unprofessional. Readers don’t get to know about the blog when they read it’s name. All the reasons you have explained. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reaching out Marina.

      I agree there are many items to consider when starting a new blog.

      The cost is one that ranked high on my list as well as I didnt know if I was able to make money from it. A low investment and I have got to meet some great people.

  2. First of all, I want to say that I really love your blog so far. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I’ve never known how. I am afraid of taking risks, but you are so generous in your tips and guidance that I’ve finally taken up the courage to seriously put my foot in the business world. My biggest struggle is fear that I won’t have good content and I won’t be successful. But I’ll overcome it. I have a real passion for helping people and I think that will really drive me to do my best. I’m really shy, but I can open up with kind and genuine people. Thank you for being just that.

    1. Thank you for the great comment Paulin.

      It took me a while as well to finally get the blog off the ground but the people I have met because of it have been amazing. Send me a link when you are up and running so I can check it out.

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