Strength and Boldness

The definition of masculine on is having qualities traditionally ascribed to men, as strength and boldness. Strength and Boldness.

The female imperative which is pounded through all men’s brain from an early age is the exact opposite. Weakness and timidity. To deny the very traits that make you a man is basically denying your existence as a man. Men are men and women are women. Dads are dads and moms are moms.

Dads must learn to embrace their role as the man in the family. It is our job to lead, to take the risks and to protect our family. By embracing our strength, boldness and competitive nature we will develop happiness with our role as a dad and raise a more successful family.

Embrace your Strength

The physiological makeup of the male body is completely different than that of a female body. The male body is designed be to the hunter/gatherer and protector of his family. As such, it has the physical characteristics of being able to build muscle and endurance through strength training.

The female body has the characteristics of bearing and nursing children. An hourglass figure is deemed attractive on a female because it accentuates the features desirable for birthing and developing the offspring of the male. The breasts are used for feeding children and hips used for birthing are characteristics of females that aid in developing the man’s children.

Dads, you must embrace your ability to develop your strength by actively pursuing a weight training regimen. The resources provided by This Dad Does on a 5/3/1 training method are a great starting point for building strength. Men are built to be strong. Dadbods are an extension of the female imperative. No matter how many times women tell you to be yourself, and accept the mediocrity of the body you present, don’t be.

Embrace your Boldness

boldness-friend-masculine-dadMen set themselves apart by being the leaders of the family. Weighing the options and making the decisions are all part of showing boldness. Timidity is a feminine trait that many men have adopted because they lack the simple pride of accepting who they are and taking risks.

Take your children for a walk in the forest. Look no further than your son or someone else’s son. When your wife and daughter are walking on the path, they are off the trail gathering sticks or rocks. They are in there because they are men. They know there is risk in what they are doing but they don’t give a shit. Boldness. Repeated – they know there is risk in what they are doing but they don’t give a shit. This should be the very mantra you live your life as a dad.

If men embraced their boldness and their desire to take risks, they would be much more successful. Overcoming fears has a direct correlation to your desire to take risks. The more you allow fear to consume you, the less risks you will take.

Many men overthink their fears and this contributes to their lack of risk taking. Not talking to a cashier because you believe her to be cute is a fear. If you can’t speak to the cute cashier, how are you going to make a recommendation to your boss. Overcome your fear, set a goal of three sentences for every cashier. Cute or not, don’t put that girl on the pedestal. As you become more comfortable speaking to strangers, you will become more comfortable speaking with your boss. Don’t be timid, be bold.

Embrace your Competitive Nature

The schoolyard is where the competitive nature comes out the most. Every game a little boy plays, he plays to win. Whether it is soccer, football, basketball or marbles, it doesn’t matter, they play to win. Men lose that competitive nature as they get older and they shouldn’t.

When you play a game with your children, play to win. You are a man and you are competitive. One day down the road you are going to play a game against your child and you are going to lose. Not the, I was half-assing it and you beat me loss, but the fuck, you just beat me type of loss. Man up and congratulate them on their victory. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Then next time, get out there and beat their ass.

Your children, whether your sons or daughters, will not learn a thing from you if you are going to half-ass your life. Nobody enjoys beating someone who isn’t trying. The feeling of victory is false. That’s why a kids go to line in losing is “I wasn’t even trying”.

To be the best you have to play against the best and beat the best. If you are not going to be your best for your children, they are not going to become the best.

Dads, Embrace Being a Man

Your children need their dad as much as they need their mom. They do not need two moms. Men and women have different abilities that they bring to the table for their children. Hence the reason that children from husband/wife homes are more likely to succeed than any other parenting combination.

The female imperative has tried to define what it means to be a man, from sharing your feelings to taking less risks. A woman does not know what it means to be a man. Never trust a men’s website that has women writing articles.

The little boy, the one running around on the playground is more of a man than most men these days. The boy doesn’t give a shit who thinks what about him. Other mom’s give him the title of being a bad kid, the female imperative has now labelled the boy. Boys being boys are not bad kids and men being men are not bad adults.

The sooner men accept the fact that they are a man, their life will begin to change for the better. You are not a female in a man’s body nor are you a man in a female’s body. You are a man in a man’s body. Develop your body through strength training, risk taking, competing, and developing yourself into the most high-functioning man you can be.

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