Swallow the Frog – Wake Up and Crush Your Day

swallow-frog-improve-dayAll Dads have been there, lying in bed in the morning worried about that one thing that we have to do during the day. Get up, Swallow the Frog and improve your day immediately.

Wait…What does Swallow the Frog mean?

It means that project you don’t want to tackle, that talk you don’t want to have, that call you don’t want to make. Stress, anxiety, nervousness are all emotions we deal with because of this frog.

Ribbit – Ribbit

You know that feeling, you are thinking about it when you wake up, when you shower, when you eat breakfast or take a walk, it consumes you.

Hopping in and out of your brain like the little green monster it is.

I have news, the longer you put it off, the less likely it is that you will do it. The problem will hop along with you…

….keeping you awake the next night and the next night.

Dads, we at aren’t our productive best when we are worried about that one frog.

If you know you have to swallow a frog, swallow it first thing in the morning. If there are two frogs, swallow the big one first. – Mark Twain

Improve your day – swallow the frog right away

The best thing to do to improve the situation is to get that croaking frog off your chest right away. Make that call, do that project, make it happen. . .

…as soon as you wake up.

Admit it Dads, how many times have we had less than stellar days because we didn’t get that one frog off our chest. Wouldn’t it be nice to start winning at the little things in life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to achieve more in less time by increasing your efficiency and have more opportunity to spend time with your children as a dad.

Whether it be a dad who has been putting off that project at work or a stay-at-home dad who may be putting off painting a room. Many aspects of our life will improve by taking this one simple step.

The need for it doesn’t go away just because we don’t complete it.

Ask yourself, are you procrastinating or just being a shitty dad?

Studies of procrastination have shown the following

What are some consequences of putting things off?
  1. Reduction in earning potential from putting things off and not asking for raises
  2. Poor health from decreased medical appointments and check-ups
  3. Increased stress levels and fatigue

It’s always easier to put things off, I know, but the more we swallow the frog or tackle the bull that’s more off of our chest and more opportunity to spend time with children . . . . worry-free.

Eventually, you will begin to wake up ready to challenge the day and swallowing the frog without losing sleep over it.

By taking control of the situation, you will assert a stronger authority and you will be respected more as a dad and as a man.

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