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Encouraging a Child’s Dream can be Expensive

Encouragement of your children’s activities and goals is one of the more significant things you can do to help your children achieve their dream. As a Dad, I know that I want to encourage my children in any way I can. Even if the financial commitment is steep, I would […]


Hey Dads, Put Down Your Phone

What is everyone’s cell phone obsession? People, parents, everyone seems to be glued to their phone. Even dads. We went out for supper on Friday night, a weekly tradition in our family after a long week. As We were sitting down for our meal and we were in the excruciatingly […]


Procrastinate or Am I Just Being A Shitty Dad?

Do I procrastinate or is that I am being a shitty dad? My daughter has asked me to build her a couple of items over the summer. She has wanted a toy chest and a small book shelf that she can put on her desk. I haven’t built them yet. […]


Who Knew My Kids Love the Great Outdoors?

– As the car pulled into the parking spot, the great outdoors upon us, the rush of the water crashing down from the waterfalls ahead echoed through the trees. The mist rose up like a fog and surrounded you, immediately opening up your senses to the journey we were about […]


My Day as a Stay At Home Dad

I have a confession, the concept of a Stay at Home Dad was foreign to me. My Dad worked long hours driving a train and my mom was the one who got us ready, fed us and took us where we needed to go. Stay at Home Dads represent a […]

Motivation from my Daughter’s Birthday

Today, my daughter turns 7 and in between the flashbacks from the days that have passed, I have a strong sense of motivation today. Why? As I have watched my daughter grow up, every thing she has done I can’t help being amazed. The monster steps she has taken this […]