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Passive Income – What is Passive Income?

Passive Income are earnings generated by a business, property or financial assets in which the owner has very limited involvement. These income streams are generated through a hands-off approach. Passive income provides the owner with a positive cash flow stream that requires little time and effort. All men, at every […]


Dads, You are a Business – Invest in Yourself

Dads, as the head of your family, you can’t be the best dad or husband unless you take care of yourself first. Imagine yourself as a business and invest in yourself. You must take care of yourself first. Not your kids, not your spouse, you. You can never project happiness, […]


Encouraging a Child’s Dream can be Expensive

Encouragement of your children’s activities and goals is one of the more significant things you can do to help your children achieve their dream. As a Dad, I know that I want to encourage my children in any way I can. Even if the financial commitment is steep, I would […]


My Coworker got Fired, Is My Job Safe?

In the back of most people’s mind is whether or not they are going to get fired. Just before I left my old job, I got that ominous call from my boss to meet in the boardroom. I was working at this job for about 6 months at the time […]


June 2016 Stats Pack – Income Report and Visitors

DadsRise.com first full month, here is a breakdown of my June 2016 monthly income and visitors Welcome to the June 2016 Stats Pack, a breakdown of how I made money online last month and a breakdown of the visitors to my blog about dads. Readers have questioned why I have […]