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Swallow the Frog – Wake Up and Crush Your Day

All Dads have been there, lying in bed in the morning worried about that one thing that we have to do during the day. Get up, Swallow the Frog and improve your day immediately. Wait…What does Swallow the Frog mean? It means that project you don’t want to tackle, that […]


Dad’s Day at The Beach – 5 Forgotten Games

Playing at the beach is the easiest place to allow your inner kid to come out. Dads I speak to have many of their fondest memories on beaches. Memories were made when they were children, their teenage years or even with that special someone. Running up and down the shore […]

What is HIIT and What are the HIIT Benefits for Men

HIIT (or High Intensity Interval Training) is a form of training that mixes quick high energy exercises with short break periods.  This type of training/exercise provides not only a highly efficient workout but greatly reduces the time spent. I know that I feel like I am always pressed for time […]