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Sing Review – A Review of Illumination Presents Sing

Illumination Presents Sing is a children’s cartoon about a theater owner, Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey), a koala bear who has continually staged plays/musicals that have bombed. The continual failure of each of his performances has put a financial strain on the theater. The Moon Theater was a dream of Walter […]


Look in the Mirror – Your Life is all Your Fault

Does this story sound familiar? It is always someone else’s fault. The reason you are not having sex with your wife is her fault. It was other business’s fault for not hiring you. You aree an alcoholic because you are bored and the liquor store is so close. Are you […]


Independence – not Independent of your Family

Dads, one of the strongest changes you can make in your life is to reduce your reliance on anyone else. Increase your independence. Your wife and children need to look at you and see the rock and leader of the family. If something needs to get done or an ass […]


Kill Yourself – Then Start Building Again

Everyone has been down that road. Nothing is going right, it feels as if your life is going to end. It’s not. You know those thoughts you have when you are at your lowest. The “If I get another chance…” thoughts. Remember those? Good…kill yourself and then start building again. […]


Procrastinate or Am I Just Being A Shitty Dad?

Do I procrastinate or is that I am being a shitty dad? My daughter has asked me to build her a couple of items over the summer. She has wanted a toy chest and a small book shelf that she can put on her desk. I haven’t built them yet. […]

What is HIIT and What are the HIIT Benefits for Men

HIIT (or High Intensity Interval Training) is a form of training that mixes quick high energy exercises with short break periods.  This type of training/exercise provides not only a highly efficient workout but greatly reduces the time spent. I know that I feel like I am always pressed for time […]