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Have More Sex – Pick up a Set of Weights

Imagine there was one thing you could do that would immediately start to turn your life around and have more sex. There is: pick up a set of weights. We live in a superficial society, as much as people say that the way someone looks has no effect on their […]


Camping, Trips Back in Time for Future Memories

As my children grow up, I want to instill in them the same values and memories I gained while I was camping with my parents. Some of the best memories of my childhood were camping and fishing with my parents. I want my children to have those memories. Camping with […]


Who Knew My Kids Love the Great Outdoors?

– As the car pulled into the parking spot, the great outdoors upon us, the rush of the water crashing down from the waterfalls ahead echoed through the trees. The mist rose up like a fog and surrounded you, immediately opening up your senses to the journey we were about […]