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Passive Income – What is Passive Income?

Passive Income are earnings generated by a business, property or financial assets in which the owner has very limited involvement. These income streams are generated through a hands-off approach. Passive income provides the owner with a positive cash flow stream that requires little time and effort. All men, at every […]


June 2016 Stats Pack – Income Report and Visitors

DadsRise.com first full month, here is a breakdown of my June 2016 monthly income and visitors Welcome to the June 2016 Stats Pack, a breakdown of how I made money online last month and a breakdown of the visitors to my blog about dads. Readers have questioned why I have […]

Monthly Stats Pack

Dads Rise is a community built to help encourage Dads achieve their full potential as men. Not every dad or family situation is the same but we can all strive for that common goal of being the best dad and man we can. We can all begin to win at […]

Why I Started The Dads Rise Blog

No longer could I watch the roles of dads and fathers being diminished in our society. I started the Dads Rise Blog to help build confidence and strength in Dads everywhere to help them become a superhero with the memories we have of our dads. The evidence of the diminishing […]

How to Start a WordPress Blog on HostPapa

Believe it or not, you can write your own blog and it can be extremely lucrative. One of your goals should be to maximize your earning potential. Blogging on WordPress through HostPapa has allowed me to make money on the side for my family. The HostPapa CPanel is one of […]