Valentine’s Day Kills Marriages

Valentine’s Day breaks up more marriages then it helps. A day dedicated to love is a day that is full of disappointment and fighting.

The pressure society places on Valentine’s Day can create a lot of stress in a marriage. From announcing which celebrity couples are doing what to the hottest lists of gifts to get, many advertising dollars are dedicated to the day. Why? Because they know the wife will want and the husband will buy.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

valentines-day-grocery-store-flowersEvery grocery store flyer I looked at on the weekend had the front cover pasted in flowers. Roses, tulips, irises, you name it and the flower was in there. Flowers were once a treat for a wife, something small to brighten up her day. To get flowers, you used to have to go out of your way to get it as a gift. The florist store was the only place to get flowers before. This store had wall to wall flowers, all overpriced. Not anymore, however. The florist is now your local grocery store. Full of buckets of flowers that you can easily grab as you make your way through the store.

The effort is gone and your wife knows this. She is no longer happy with just a bouquet of flowers. She expects more. You get her more.

She wants a piece of jewelry to go with those flowers. A couple of hundred dollars spent on a nice piece of jewelry. Or you can be the guy who gets her an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day. You kill two birds with one stone but now you have spent more than a few hundred dollars.

Valentine’s Day Supper

But wait there’s more. Now that your wife has fancy jewelry, she has to go out and show it off.

This is where you must be thinking ahead. Reservations must be made weeks in advance or the list of acceptable restaurants dwindles. As you go through TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Restaurants in your area, each one is full. You finally come to a somewhat obscure one that looks OK and you are able to get a reservation. You tell your wife that the place is amazing and you have heard great things about it.

valentines-day-supperFinally the supper comes. Although you haven’t scored a home run with your jewelry or grocery store flowers, this supper will truly be the impact you require. You arrive at the restaurant and there is a crowd of people as you enter. You walk up to the hostess table and let them know you have a reservation. She begins to take you to the table and you turn around and look at the other men. Your feelings are torn a bit. You chuckle because you are the best husband and made reservations. You also have some sympathy for these men as the scowl on their wives faces tells a story of what the night holds.

The waitress comes to serve you. You order an appetizer and each have a couple drinks. You never order appetizers but this is a special day, spend away. The more you spend, the more your wife means to you. The entrée comes and you are full. You have eaten every last bite and couldn’t imagine eating anything else. However you get the dessert anyways because nothing caps off a day of love like expensive chocolate cake.

She Has to Want Valentine’s Day Sex Now

Valentine’s Day is simply a large scale covert contract. You get home, completely full from that large meal and you immediately expect your wife to rip off her clothes and fuck you on the counter. She doesn’t and you stand there in amazement after all of the things you bought.

Then the fighting begins. The flowers were not good enough, the jewelry doesn’t sparkle enough or the restaurant wasn’t classy enough. It’s gonna be something, I guarantee it. valentines-day-marriage-fight

Enough of This Bullshit Holiday

Nothing good can come of Valentine’s Day. Spoiling an already entitled Princess will only have her demanding more each and every year going forward. I was that guy who spoiled his entitled princess and guess where it got me. Absolutely nowhere.

I wasn’t having sex, I wasn’t getting a better marriage. The only thing that came from it was an empty bank account.

Three years ago, I made the change to no longer spoil the Princess on Valentine’s Day. That first year was a nightmare but I got through it. You will too.

Don’t let one day define your marriage. Date your wife everyday.

If you let one day define your marriage, you will surely fuck up that day. Valentine’s Day is not a barometer of your relationship.

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