Why I Started The Dads Rise Blog

No longer could I watch the roles of dads and fathers being diminished in our society. I started the Dads Rise Blog to help build confidence and strength in Dads everywhere to help them become a superhero with the memories we have of our dads. The evidence of the diminishing roles of dads became even more apparent as I watched television or read articles on the internet. Dads are important too. Men and Dads are no longer respected as much by their wives, their children and society as a whole. This to me represents a significant decline in the family structure.

It wasn’t long ago that all kids believed that their dads were superheroes, but we will make mistakes along the way. I have made mistakes as a Dad, I have learned from them and have improved my relationships with my wife, my children and my own life.

The major mistake I made was turning into a person and Dad that I never wanted to become.

After a long struggle in many facets of my life I vowed that I was going to become a stronger and better man and Dad.

My mistakes included getting into debt, becoming an alcoholic, losing my job and I just wasn’t winning at life anymore.

Dads Rise will focus on the ways I have been able to overcome these mistakes in my life and also provide help to those Dads who may be struggling with their own demons. Dads Rise focuses on becoming the best man first, which is essential to begin winning at life.

Being in heavy debt, is one thing that hindered my life more than any other now that I look back. There are many websites that offer suggestions on how to get out of debt, I’ve read them. There are money saving ideas or do this instead of that, but they never get to the route of the problem. You will never improve your life or your situation unless you start taking a look at yourself. I will offer some of my advice on the subject of saving money or cutting costs, but mainly to start winning. I will help you find the confidence in yourself to start taking control.

I have been to the bottom of the barrel, lying awake at night for hours, trying to think of every possible way to overcome the monster I had created with no sensible solution in sight and want to share what I have learned throughout this struggle.

One of the features that will differentiate Dads Rise from other money and saving websites is that I am going to put a Dad spin on it. There are many websites dedicated to the mom, whether they are working or stay-at-home or the family, but again the Dads get pushed away, regardless of their situation. Dads have an important place in the family and many of the decisions that happen on a day to day basis are the results of our thoughts and feelings.

I know many Dads who stress about the daily finances of their own families and are always looking for ways to either enjoy life more with their current or future children or spouse. We are taught at a very young age the importance of being the bread winner and fulfilling the needs of the family. The thought process of the typical family has seen a change recently where the income may be more balanced in the household between spouses or that the Dad stays-at-home while the Moms work.

Regardless, I have seen and done many different things that have helped and hindered our financial situation and life that I am going to share with you.

Dads Rise will focus on tips and articles, easy recipes and simple fitness ideas among other things. Dads Rise will go beyond simply money saving ideas and offer advice so that Dads can feel more confident and more energetic to be a stronger man and an important part of their families’ lives.

I have read many books, researched many websites on ways to improve my finances and improve my life and I am bringing those together into Dads Rise.

I look forward to relaying what I have learned and help you further develop yourselves both as Dads and men in general.

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